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"I've been seeing Dr. Kait for over a year now and I recommend her enthusiastically. She is so kind and genuine in her manner. She has great knowledge about what can be achieved through lifestyle and diet changed. She does not push supplements the way I've experienced previously with other naturopaths, something that I find incredibly reassuring and trust-building. I especially enjoy seeing her for acupuncture. It has improved my physical and mental health. Also, with the acupuncture she often incorporates Moxa which I love! It's so relaxing and I recommend inquiring about it."

Darlene M. via Google

Meet Dr.Kait

Dr. Chang graduated from the University of Toronto with a psychology and nutritional sciences degree. Her interest in both subjects led her to study natural medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Her clinical focus and research are on menopausal support and post-menopause care using acupuncture, mindfulness practice, nutritional supplementation, nutritional infusion, and herbal medicine. She adheres to a back-to-nature, holistic approach, considering a person’s biological, psychological, and social aspects of health. When working on challenging cases, she employs necessary lab tests to diagnose and treat. From professional and personal experience, Dr. Chang has found self-care to be the #1 treatment for modern-day ailments, and for that reason, a big part of her work involves educating and motivating patients to adopt an active lifestyle and positive mindset that is conducive to good health well into their 80's and 90's.

Dr. Kait Chang

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